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Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation Services in Jonesboro, Springdale & Little Rock

Crawl spaces play a big role in the overall feeling of a home. Standard crawl space has little protection from air leaks, allowing unconditioned air to infiltrate the crawl space. As your home naturally breathes, air from your crawl space is drawn into your home through gaps in flooring, mechanical penetrations and other small open spaces. Infiltration of this unconditioned air can dramatically impact your energy costs. Even a powerful HVAC system needs to work hard to compensate for an unconditioned crawl space that leaks air into a home. The solution is crawl space encapsulation.


Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation

Crawl spaces are not commonly viewed as an important home feature. Often crawl spaces are overlooked and attention is given to other areas of the home. Crawl spaces can create problems for the rest of your home and for your family. Crawl spaces can impact your home’s comfort and the air quality in your home. If your crawl space is damp, this can also create an odor in your home.

There is a lot more going on in your crawl space than you realize! If your home is built on a crawl space and you have been noticing a difference in the feel of your home, call G&S Insulating in Little Rock, Arkansas. Properly encapsulating your crawl space can have a dramatic impact on the comfort of your home.



Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture and deterioration problems. Why? Soil has high humidity which causes a crawl space to become damp. This damp environment can be unhealthy, harbor mold, and create an ideal living space for pests. These problems can be reduced by properly insulating and encapsulating your crawl space.

Crawl space encapsulation includes installing a poly liner and sealing it to the wall of the crawl space with spray foam insulation. This helps manage moisture and adds R-value. Once your crawl space is encapsulated, this space can be used for additional storage. G&S Insulating has the experience necessary to improve your crawl space by installing top-quality insulation and encapsulating your crawl space.


Our team will visit your home to evaluate your crawl space and recommend the appropriate steps to address mold, moisture, and insulation.

Our recommendation to improve your crawl space will include one or more of the following:

  • Remove mold. Damp crawl spaces are the perfect breeding ground for mold. If your crawl space has mold, G&S Insulating can help. We can apply crawl space mold spray to your crawl space prior to encapsulating. This foaming mold spray kills existing mold in the crawl space prior to crawl space encapsulation. This helps keep your home and family safe from potentially dangerous mold.


  • Insulation/Encapsulation. Insulating your crawl space will create a thermal barrier between your crawl space and the conditioned air inside your home. Crawl space insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Sealing air leaks around the roof of your crawl space can provide additional benefit by closing off penetration points where unconditioned air can enter the home. Crawl space encapsulation may be recommended.


  • Moisture management. Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture. Soil has high humidity which causes a crawl space to become damp. This damp environment can be unhealthy, harbor mold, and create an ideal living space for pests. To address crawl space moisture, we recommend adding a crawl space dehumidifier. This will help keep moisture naturally found in a crawl space at a manageable level to maintain the structural integrity of your home.


  • Water management. The grade of your property can affect your crawl space. If your yard slopes toward your house, this can encourage water to pool inside your crawl space. Standing water in a crawl space has the greatest negative impact on your crawl space and your home. If your crawl space suffers from regular water infiltration, we may recommend installing a sump pump to help remove standing water. If your crawl space has an excessive water issue, it could be recommended to address landscaping around your home to help prevent water from entering the space.


G&S Insulating helps customers understand what work will need to be done to address their crawl space problem. We like to give our customers as much information about the installation process as possible before we start a job. When our customers understand the installation process, the process is smooth. Contact us to schedule your free estimate! We’ll recommend the crawl space solution that is right for your home.

Learn more about crawl space encapsulation and schedule a free estimate, contact G&S Insulating today!

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