Spray Insulation in Jonesboro, ARMany homes that have existing fiberglass attic insulation can benefit from additional insulation. Existing attic insulation may not meet current code or may have been moved, reducing its thermal properties.

ENERGY STAR says that new attic insulation can be installed over existing insulation. There is no need to remove existing insulation unless there is pest damage, or it became wet and is not drying. If your attic insulation needs to be removed, we can help. Our insulation removal service uses equipment designed specifically for this, ensuring damaged insulation and anything in it remains contained and does not contaminate your main living space.

Adding attic insulation is an efficient and cost effective way to increase your home’s thermal protection. This process involves blowing a layer of loose-fill fiberglass insulation into open attics, helping to make your home more comfortable and keeping energy bills low. In addition to being blown into open spaces, loose-fill fiberglass insulation can be dense packed into closed spaces or blown behind netting to create a complete thermal blanket (net and blow).

If your attic insulation is damaged, has settled or has not been upgraded in some time, contact G&S Insulating. Our insulation experts will evaluate your attic and recommend proper upgrades that will help reduce energy bills and make your home more comfortable.